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chambers the chambers thesaurus - the chambers thesaurus sells more copies and contains more synonyms than any other english thesaurus the 5th edition 2015 retains the much loved features of the chambers thesaurus but also includes a new two colour word lover s gallimaufry showing how english words and definitions have changed in recent years, the chambers dictionary 13th edition chambers ed - first published in 1872 the chambers dictionary contains more words phrases and meanings than any other single volume english dictionary yet it remains lighter and easier to hold and now has an even more durable jacket so that it will be a beautiful hardback reference for many years to come, majority leader definition of majority leader and - in u s politics the majority floor leader is a partisan position in a legislative body in the federal congress the roles differ slightly in the two houses the majority leader of the house of representatives and the majority leader of the senate respectively, ant colony definition of ant colony and synonyms of ant - an ant colony is an underground lair where ants live eat and mate colonies consist of a series of underground chambers connected to each other and the surface of the earth by small tunnels