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the 1967 arab israeli war origins and consequences - the 1967 arab israeli war origins and consequences cambridge middle east studies wm roger louis avi shlaim on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the june 1967 war was a watershed in the history of the modern middle east in six days the israelis defeated the arab armies of egypt, six day war wikipedia - six day war part of the arab israeli conflict territory held by israel before and after the six day war the straits of tiran are circled between the gulf of aqaba to the north and the red sea to the south, arab israeli conflict wikipedia - the arab israeli conflict refers to the political tension military conflicts and disputes between a number of arab countries and israel the roots of the arab israeli conflict are attributed to the rise of zionism and arab nationalism towards the end of the 19th century part of the dispute arises from the conflicting claims to the land, middle east books bibliography arabs islam palestine - middle east books bibliography searchable database of middle east books searchable book database c lick here to find books by topic country or title this page links to detailed bibliographies for each country in the middle east as well as topical bibliographies about religions and sects the israeli palestinian conflict women and other special topics, amazon com customer reviews the birth of the palestinian - find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for the birth of the palestinian refugee problem revisited cambridge middle east studies at amazon com read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users, lyndon johnson s jewish mother and the 1967 israeli attack - the uss liberty was attacked by unmarked planes and torpedo boats in international waters during the six day war between israel and the arab states the attack on the surveillance ship lasted 75 minutes 34 men died and 172 were injured initially it was thought that either egypt or the u s s r was responsible but astonishingly israel the u s s closest ally said that the planes and