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green sun and moon mountain in qinghai english cri cn - the sun the moon mountain is located in the huangyuan prefecture of east of qinghai province the northeast of the qinghai lake and it belongs to the offshoot of the qilian mountain chains the lakes and mountains here are very beautiful like a picture and like an unpolluted precious place out of the great wall, a day of family reunion the mid autumn festival - in ancient times there was a custom of moon watching on mid autumn festival as well as ceremonies of greeting the beginning of autumn and worship of the moon the custom became popular in the tang 618 907 and song 960 1279 dynasties, qingdao east meets west chinatoday com cn - laoshan in the east of qingdao is a major mountain on the shandong peninsula rising to 1 132 7 meters above sea level it is the highest mountain on china s coastline what s more laoshan is a birthplace of chinese taoism, mingsha mountain and the crescent spring english cri cn - the mingsha mountain also called singing sand dunes is celebrated for the sound produced by the moving sand named sha jiao mountain in the eastern han dynasty it is 800 square kilometers in size stretching 40 km from the east to the west and 20 kilometers from the south to the north, meteor hunt fever grips shangri la china plus - shangri la in yunnan province has been gripped by a feverish hunt for a fireball meteor which was observed on october 4 2017 it was seen at around 8 p m as local residents were viewing the full moon on the mid autumn festival videos capturing the phenomenon which lasted only a few seconds have gone viral on the internet, xi pledges concerted efforts with moon to properly address - chinese president xi jinping r meets with his south korean counterpart moon jae in in berlin germany on july 6 2017 file photo xinhua chinese president xi jinping said on thursday that he is ready to make concerted efforts with his south korean counterpart moon jae in to properly address the differences between the two countries, china radio international hindi cri cn - 1, huanqiu com en huanqiu com page 145 - on monday south korean president moon jae in and us president donald trump spoke on the phone and agreed to apply maximum pressure and sanctions on north korea the call comes after the un security council unanimously imposed new sanctions on north korea on saturday aimed at pressuring pyongyang to end its nuclear program